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 20 / 09 / 12
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Per Mollerup is a professor of Communication Design at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. He researches, writes, talks and consults about design including wayshowing, communication design, and design policy.

Per Mollerup has written several books about design, including "Design for Life (1986)", "Good Enough is not Enough (1992)", "Marks of Excellence: The history and taxonomy of trademarks (1997)", "Collapsibles: A design album of space-saving objects (2002)", "Wayshowing: A guide to environmental signage (2005)", "Brandbook: branding/feelings/reason (2008)".

 He was the owner (1984-2009) of the well-known design firm Designlab, which was awarded the IG Prize, Danish Design Center’s prize for excellent graphic design, nine times. Designlab’s well-known commissions include the wayshowing in Copenhagen Airport, Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, and the Copenhagen Metro. Per Mollerup og Designlab have created names and visual identities for a number of leading Scandinavian companies.

Assisted by a team of international experts, he developed proposals for national design policies for Estonia (2003), Latvia (2004) and Lithuania  (2008).

Per Mollerup has been awarded the Grant in Memory of KV Engelhardt (1986), the Bindesbøll Medal (1996), The Year Prize of the Danish Society of Book Crafts (1997), and the Danish-Swedish Cultural Prize (2000).

1988-1993 Per Mollerup served as National Chairman of the Danish Society of Book Crafts. In 2009 he was appointed honorary member of the Estonian Association of Designers and  2011 was elected President-Elect of IIID International Institute of Information Design, based in Vienna.

Adam von Haffner Paulsen joined INDEX: in 2005 and has become a mainstay of the organization. As news director, he is in charge of the INDEX: News Department controlling the ever increasing design to improve life news gallery. Furthermore, he has served as the organization’s personal link to the International INDEX: Jury the past five years. A graduate of the Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark, he holds not only a diploma in Creative Basics but also has studied journalism at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense. Adam wrote and translated for the influential magazine Golf Digest DK and founded a copy writing company under the name Inkubator in 2004.
Since 2010, he has been a special advisor to Copenhagen’s biggest, creative office collective Republikken.

Tapio Anttila is a freelance designer, based in Lahti, Finland. The name of his company is “Tapio Anttila Design”. He has worked as an inhouse designer at Isku Oy, designing contract furniture, and before that as a chief interior architect in big projects such as the interior design project of the Helsinki Vantaa Airport, at PES Architects Oy.

His scope of design is wide, varying from accessory items such as trays to entire furniture collections and wall panelling systems. Many of his designs have won design awards, among them “Design Plus”, “Good Design”, “Fennia Prize” and “Adex Award”. Products designed by Tapio Anttila are available in design stores in Finland and around the world, for instance at Moma Design Store in New York. His designs are being produced and marketed by companies like Adi, Ann Idstein, Isku, Koskisen, Lundia, Laattapiste, Selka, Showroom Finland, Vepsäläinen and Woodnotes.

Tapio Anttila is especially interested in Finnish wood and how to work on it in a modern way, at the same time following the traditions. The best examples of this are the KUVIO and TUOHI collections for Showroom Finland, where by means of technical innovations, new kind of design has been created.

Fabien Cappello is a product and furniture designer. He defines himself as an activist as his practise shows a wish to redefine the role of the designer in our society. Fabien Cappello graduated from the Royal College of Art where his graduate show included an investigation into the finite economy of Christmas trees drawing on this local resource to create furniture from the discarded wood. Since then he has been working from his studio in London on different commission and self-initiated project. Each of his project - whether limited edition furniture, industrial products or even public installation – are constantly informing each other, creating his general vision.

Nick Rawcliffe got first engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bristol University. He has also graduated Industrial Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art, London. He is the founder and owner of Rawstudio. Nick has won Fiat design competition in 2008 with £50k to develop the Snowbone product to go to market. He was shortlisted as the best new exhibitor at 100%Design in 2007 in London.

Rawstudio is about creating something different, products which have a reason and have been approached from a fresh angle. All Rawstudio products have something hidden that, when discovered, offer that extra slice of satisfaction. It may be the way they are designed or engineered, a hidden functionality or a narrative behind the design. Sustainability and local production is key to Rawstudio's designs.

Adam Fearweather has graduated in Product Design from Brighton University and Industrial Design Engineering programme from Imperial College /Royal College of Art. Adam is the founder of Re-worked, UK, industrial design and product development company that is focused on helping develop new social and environmentally focused projects. Adam uses coffee recycling as a launching platform for his works.

Re-worked is an industrial design and product development company that is focused on helping develop new social and environmentally focused projects, using Coffee recycling as a launching platform. Adam is an Industrial designer and product developer who finds the balance between material language, environmental impact and social change. He works with industry and business to make change happen.