Edicy Tokyo theme

 20 / 09 / 12
Coca Cola Plaza 

10.00             Coca-Cola Plaza is opened
10.15-10.30    Introduction, Ilona Gurjanova
10.30-11.00    Keynote speaker: „Thinking about Design Thinking“, Per Mollerup (DEN)
11.00-11.30    „INDEX. Design to Improve Life“, Adam von Haffner Paulsen (DEN)
11.30-12.15    Coffee break
12.00              Opening of the exhibition „Life Like in the Movies“ , 1st floor
12.15-12.45   „Design by In-house or Freelance Designers“, Tapio Anttila (FIN)
12.45-13.25    „Today“, Fabien Cappello (UK)
13.25-14.25    Lunch
14.25-14.45    „Estonian Furniture Cluster – the Seedbed of Designers’ and Furniture Makers’ Common Interests?“, August Kull
14.45-15.15   „Results of the Recycling Furniture Workshop in Tallinn, September 10-12“
                     (video), Nick Rawcliffe, Adam Fairweather
15.15-15.45   Panel discussion